Ayur-Hospital Management System


The Ayur-Hospital management system, is used for the automation of the hospital Management. The software includes maintaining patient details, providing prescription, precaution advices etc. The software makes the hospital management completely automated so that all the paper work can be avoided. It also makes the process much faster than the traditional file keeping system.

Through the system the doctor can prescribe and maintain tests for a patient, which is reviewed by the laboratory in charge and the process goes easier. Result and Report preparation is also done through the system so that the function goes error free and much more productive. Reports and Billing system is maintained in such a way that the thing can be reviewed later for any future needs. Store management is done through the system so that the store keeper can see and maintain the precise stock. All the process dealing with the store management is done fully automated which makes the store keepers work easier.

                             Reception Module

Receptionist can register,Re-register and find a patient

   Doctor Module

 Doctor can able to find patients and perform diagnosis and able to update treatment,view report ,create report.

   Pharmacy Module

Pharmacist can able to perform stock management,medicine sales,tax management,OP treatment.

   IP Management

Can able to perform registration,patient search,patient payment.

   Lab Management

To manage varied tests and reports single handle.

  Billing &Reports

 It comes with billing facility turning financial aspects transparent.


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