We leverage our strong partner ecosystem in the banking sector to provide customized solutions to financial institutions and public/ private banks. Our banking solution is ideal for urban, rural and co-operative banks. With our technology expertise, industry knowledge, and a robust delivery mechanism we assure you a premier software with end to end solution that can grow your business to new heights. Fincuro arc@ is one such total solution product.

Arc @

A Comprehensive solution to manage all the aspects of a Financial institution, arc@ is Web-based solution that fulfils end to end requirements in the deposit and lending management. The Loan Management would guide the organization though all the stages of customer acquisition as well as the complete processing requirements of approving and booking of the loan and management of the transactions. The Deposits Functionality allows the institution to configure products on the fly to be able to service all the market and client needs. For Cooperatives and Credit Unions, special functionality for Member management etc. is also available. arc@is on an open standard, scalable, and maintainable solution. Document Management, Workflow, Operations Control and Compliance as well as Business Intelligence are available as add on modules.

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